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JK Spices began as a single-ingredient spice company in 1997. We've passed the most difficult test of all - the test of time. We've expanded to 40+ products over the last 25 years. Our offerings include ground spices, blended spices, whole spices, oilseeds, and food products. Our product line is growing all the time. To appeal to them, we have relaunched ourselves as JK Spices, in keeping with the trends and customer tastes.
We are dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality, authentic items that are manufactured with high-quality ingredients at affordable costs. Millions of customers in India and throughout the world have recognized the value of our products and have put their faith in us. Our items are in high demand in both major cities and little towns.
Trust, Consumer Satisfaction, Innovation, Respect, and Excellence are our core values.
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“We strive to be one of the best spices making and processing companies. We diligently focus on unadulterated, healthy & hygienic spice products for our consumers. We will attempt to bring a formidable level of satisfaction to our customers. We are dedicated to expanding our presence throughout the country & worldwide as we have forayed into the export market with a determination to make a hallmark of Indian spices which is famous for thousands of years.

We intend to accomplish this feat by developing an exclusive chain of retail shops of healthy and tasty spices across the world.

Our magnificent and genuine spices, some of which were already famous and used in India many centuries ago, are the most important ingredients for many international cuisines and products. Spices that are so vital for millions of people, deserve the best treatment during production. So, we procure spices that are grown in organic ways and later processed very gently. With the confidence of authenticity & purity of our products, we are sure we will laurel in international marketing too.”

We aim to be the most trusted, authentic, premium Indian brand that delivers India’s regional taste diversity in all its authenticity and freshness to all our customers. Each of our products shall be created around natural products and shall be accurate to ensure that the taste, best represents the origins.
It is our mission to treat our customers & suppliers with honesty and respect. Our commitment is to provide the industry with high-quality, sustainable, and safe food products. We will endeavor daily to supply our customers with competitive prices, high-quality ingredients, through creative service. By these means, we will contribute to sustainable and safe agriculture.
JK Spices is located in Rajkot. It is also known as the spice city of Gujarat, India. Our state-of-the-art factory covers an area of 20,000 square feet which is divided into different departments. We have implemented state-of-the-art machines. Automatic Machinery undertakes the processes of cleaning, grading, color sorting, grinding/pulverizing, blending and metal separation, and packing.
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Healthy Diet.
Healthy Diet.
When our spices are sprinkled uniformly without the trouble of lump formation, it adds a garnishing touch to your cuisine. It also leads to less spice waste.
Pesticide Free.
Pesticide Free.
Our spices and seasonings are neither combined with nor diluted by extraneous substance, nor do we engage in any procedures that allow us to extract more flavor from a given quantity of spice by manipulating it. We guarantee complete purity in all of our goods.
Our high-speed grinding machines provide very fine, uniform granulation with ideal texture for a wide range of spices. This method ensures that spices are evenly distributed.
All spices are hygienically wrapped using our technologically sophisticated packaging process. To keep moisture away, airtight packaging is used with caution. This keeps our spices fresh and free of germs.
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